About Me

Mabuhay (Hello)! My name is Lawrence Anthony, aka Lily Rose of Haus of Lily Rose. By day I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist and Professional Makeup artist. By night I'm a glamorous drag queen by the name of Lily Rose.

As a proud Filipino-American, I strive to infuse my culture into my fashion, which is what started my passion for sewing and design. I was in search for traditional Filipino garments and was not pleased with what was readily available. With the help of my best friend's mom and a few YouTube videos, I found my love for the art of sewing.

In 2011, I established a small shop making custom Mickey ears, however due to a saturated market I reevaluated my plan of action which led me to close the shop. Through the years, I have created one-of-a kind garments for myself and others, which in turn reignited my flame to pursue, the Haus of Lily Rose.

I am so happy to share my creativity with the world, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support. Salamat Po (Thank you)!

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